Why a Dog Park?

Did you know that a dog park is the most requested addition at our local parks?  With the help of the many, many dog lovers in and around Warrick County, we hope to build a dog park within Friedman Park that we can be proud of - and put to good use - for years to come.  Join us!

Dog Park Benefits

Safe Location

Provides a specific, safe location for dogs to play without bothering other park patrons - and cuts down on staff time tending to off-leash complaints


Facilitates interaction with a variety of dog breeds and breed types. 


Functions as a social center—a place where people gather to chat, exchange news, and socialize. 

Local Park Support

Encourages residents to support Warrick County Parks which increases quality of life.


Dog Park Sponsor Opportunities
























There are so many ways to sponsor the Pippero Pup Park!  From a $100 Supporting Membership to a $5,000 Best in Show Sponsorship - every dollar raised will help get this park built.  Please join us on our mission to provide a safe, fun place for dogs - and dog lovers - to socialize.  

Dog Park Committee

Jack Pate, President, Golf Gives Back
Kelli Bennett, Community Volunteer

Michelle Ferrero, Ferguson Enterprises

Jeff & Jo Ann Fink, Pet Supplies Plus

Katie Gentry, Sugar Fix

Abigail Long, Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Laurel Meny, Warrick Parks Foundation Executive Director

Jessica Miller, Community Volunteer

Kevin Pass, Warrick Parks Foundation President

Joe Schitter, Friedman Park

Tracy Shaw, Experian Health

Amy Smith, Community Volunteer

Layne Springer, Deaconess Hospital

Courtney TenBarge, Warrick Trails/Trey Exploration

Cory Wilson, AlphaLaser & Imaging


Friends of Pippero Pup Park!


Incident Report

Are you a dog lover looking for a way to make a difference in your community and be around other like-minded people? We've got the group for you!


The Friends of Pippero Pup Park is a newly-formed volunteer group that will be charged with maintaining the Pippero Pup Park, Warrick County's only dog park located in Friedman Park.


Not only will the Friends check on the park daily, replenish toys, and water flowers, they will also answer dog park user questions and act as a liaison to the Warrick Parks Foundation. There will be fun activities for the group - as well as incentives for volunteering! 

The Pippero Pup Park takes the safety of our animals and our park users very seriously. If you or your dog ever feel uncomfortable, it's always good practice to leave the park. 


For emergencies, please call 911.


The Pippero Pup Park is a volunteer-run organization, and therefore we have no way of patrolling the dog park. We rely on our visitors to follow the posted rules and to keep an eye on their dog at all times. Unfortunately, not all park users act this way. Sometimes new dog owners are unaware of the park's guidelines or the city's laws, so we encourage our veteran members to engage with new owners and politely point them towards one of our posted banners. You can also find a list of our rules here.


We understand that incidents happen, even when both parties are carefully watching their dogs. Whenever a dog or person is injured, we appreciate you filing an incident report for our records. The Pippero Pup Park will only intervene if several incident reports have been filed against an individual, and only if that individual is able to be identified. For that reason, we recommend exchanging contact information with the other dog's handler, but ONLY if you feel safe and comfortable doing so.


Submitting an incident report here is not a substitute for filing a police report.