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In our rapidly growing county, the need for parks and trails has never been more important. Your tax-deductible gift through the Warrick Parks Foundation helps bring people together to maintain and grow our parks, trails, and public spaces.

Become a Sponsor

Our donors include local and regional individuals, families, and companies that believe in the value of public spaces in our growing community.  By contributing to the Warrick Parks Foundation’s vision connectivity through public spaces, you can help make Warrick County a place where people want to live and work and where our beautiful parks and trails are accessible to all. ​


Become a Volunteer

It takes a village! The Warrick Parks Foundation hosts almost a dozen events each year.  These FUN events that engage the whole community wouldn’t be possible without many volunteers giving their time and talents to the organization.  

Planned Giving & the Warrick Parks Foundation Fund.

There are many ways to give to the Warrick Parks Foundation.  A well-planned gift communicates your legacy; it tells a story of what you hold as most important and valuable in your life and community. Leaving a gift to the Warrick Parks Foundation through your will or trust is an easy and impactful way to benefit the programs and maintenance efforts for years to come. The Warrick Parks Foundation is the independent fundraising arm and partner of the Warrick Parks Department.

Warrick Parks Foundation Fund

Pippero Pup Park

The Pippero Pup Park, a two-acre public dog park located at Friedman Park in Newburgh, opened its gate in October 2022.  Since then, hundreds of pups and pup lovers have visited and donated to ensure that this spot will remain open and maintained for many years. 

Walking Dogs

Friedman Park

Friedman Park is a picturesque 180-acre county park nestled in Newburgh. Each year, thousands of people visit this stunning, public outdoor space for exercise, fellowship, and fun!  Amenities include an amphitheater; picnic pavilions; and biking, nature, and walking trails; a beautiful playground; fishing opportunities; public restrooms; and wide-open expanses of grass.  

Scales Lake Park

Scales Lake Park, located in Boonville, features a 66-acre lake and vast selection of outdoor activities, including camping, boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, a petting zoo, and more!  

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Warrick Trails

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